Many of us are in the spirit of losing weight with the thought that the extra kilos are the cause to most of our problems. Sure losing weight will help you keep fit and trim, along with boosting your overall health.
But here is what losing weight will not fix:


1) Your job

Landing yourself in your dream job is not based on your weight. It’s all in the attitude. If you think that you self-esteem and your personality is affected by your weight then you need to think again as you will be missing out a lot of opportunities with this mindset.
So unless you want to be a pinup model you need not lose any weight to land that dream job.fat official

2) Your love life

The person you date should love you for who you are. If you think he will love you more when you lose weight you are wrong. In fact changes in weight will only increase insecurities in a relationship as the fear creeps in that when you change in your appearance, ‘would you want to date someone else?’

obese woman

3) Your relationship with food

Losing weight is just the first step about learning how to eat. Even if you are on a diet plan you may tend to cheat on the diet or cave in to binge or emotional eating.
Focus on changing long term habits instead of just dieting.

4) Depression and other social problems

Many people are of the opinion that being overweight is the cause of their depression. They assume that when they lose weight they will automatically feel better. The cause of your depression might be something else altogether so its best left to determine the cause by a psychiatrist.

depression in fat women


5) Your self-esteem

Of course you will feel better about yourself when you lose weight but it does not necessarily change your attitude in general. You need to think of weight loss as a means of better care of yourself.

fat women confidence