What’s Anxiety? It’s a common mental health disorder faced by many people. It is a situation where a feeling of sorrow, stress, fear or uneasiness interferes with one’s daily activities. Are you trying to overcome your anxiety with medications but resulting in the negative approach? Here’s a small lifestyle change that can turn your body against nervousness. Researchers have recognized the connection between food and brain calming the nerve cells and hurt anxiety. Do you know there are certain foods that can help cure anxiety problem and make your mood optimistically happier? For that, there are some modifications to your diet plan. There are many demands and pressure experience each day making us stressful but to overcome them activities like listening to music, regular exercise, stay healthy eating healthy foods, will turn your life into a refreshing one.

What is Anxiety?
What is Anxiety?

Need any Suggestion?

  • Start your day, eating protein-rich foods to strengthen your energy and blood glucose level.

  • It’s time to avoid your habit of drinking caffeine or alcohol because both affect your sleep mood and cause edginess.

  • It is always better, staying hydrated because dehydration causes our mood to change.

  • While crossing the grocery store, don’t forget to choose foods that have complex carbs that boost your body calming the brain cells resulting in calming anxiety.

  • Avoid sugary snack or beverages; instead get your hands on whole grains and cereals.

 whole grains and cereals

So what ingredients to add to my diet list?

To boost your mood, add foods like chocolate, Vitamin B rich, Magnesium, Omega-3 Fatty acids, zinc-rich foods (oyster, liver, beef, cashew nut, egg yolk) to your daily routine to reduce anxiety and boost your mind.

ingredients to add my diet list
ingredients to add to diet list

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