Exercising is the most preferred option to strengthen your muscles. If you are someone who loves to workout, then concentrate on what you eat post-workout. Consuming sufficient amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and fats will help your body to repair and regrow.

In addition, drink your fluids, especially water. This will aid in rehydrating; trust the experts, you can lose pounds without losing your skin glow.

Here is the list of nutrients that you should add to your diet.


To be honest, carbs are healthy unless you choose the wrong food to consume. During workout, glycogen molecules from the liver act as fuel. To replace glycogen and to get your energy, carbs are inevitable.

  • Sweet Potatoes:

Sweet Potato is packed with carbohydrates, fiber and folate. Unlike potatoes, sweet potatoes have various nutritional benefits.

  • Fruits:

Consume fruits, if you ate a heavy meal before your workout. Fruits contain natural sugar molecules. This will help if you have a sweet craving. Fruits are necessary for the body to remove toxins. Make sure that you are taking an adequate fruit diet according to your health conditions. 


Proteins are the building blocks of muscles. It will make you feel full the whole day because protein molecules will not easily break down. Proteins make for a good post-workout food for people who are used to heavy workouts. Consuming proteins will help resynthesize the molecules which might get damaged due to physical exercise. 

  • Eggs:

Eggs are a good choice to eat after a workout to improve your immunity. Egg white is full of protein and one can consume more than five egg whites per day. “Egg Yolks are unhealthy” is a myth. Yolks contain protein and fat. Instead of consuming various foods, fill your tummy with two egg yolks. This will give you enough nutrition after a work-out


Consuming a little amount of fat will help your body to maintain your skin glow. Prefer good cholesterol  (HDL: High Definition Lipoprotein). HDL gives benefits to the heart because it aids in removing bad cholesterol from the artery walls. 

  • Seeds and Nuts:

Snacking a bowl of seeds and nuts is a very healthy option. Flax seeds are enriched with omega 3-fatty acids. They contain fiber, which means the fat will not saturate in your body. Pumpkin seeds have sufficient zinc content for human needs. Consume almonds and walnuts routinely post work-out. This lowers bad cholesterol and regulates blood pressure.


Whatever food you consume post work-out, ensure you are not missing out on your fluids. Normally, one should consume eight ounces of water a day. To lose weight, drink ample amounts of water. It will help improve your metabolism.