Uncontrolled type-2 diabetes can be hazardous and life-threatening. You might not observe its impact as it is slow and silent. If your glucose level remains high and you fail to control or reduce then it will affect the life expectancy.

What Does Uncontrolled Type-2 Diabetes Do to Your Body?

Type 2 diabetes produces a complex condition in your body and this type is often known as adult-onset diabetes. It affects how your body metabolizes the glucose level. If you have diabetes 2 it won’t allow the body to produce enough insulin to maintain a normal sugar level.

Symptoms and Conditions of Uncontrolled Type-2 Diabetes

How can you say that you have type-2 diabetes? It starts developing slowly and causes many health-related problems. When it emerges-

  • You have high blood pressure.
  • You gain weight with a body mass index over 25.
  • You seem inactive.
  • If you have family members of type-2 diabetes.
  • If your age is more than 45.
  • If you have an increased level of triglycerides (a kind of fat) this lies in your blood.
  • Having a low level of HDL or normal cholesterol.

Major Symptoms and Signs of Type 2 Diabetes

You may endure diabetes for years but you don’t have any clue whether it is type 2 diabetes or some common disease because these signs and symptoms occur gradually.

The symptoms Are

  • Feeling thirst
  • Frequent urination
  • Feel hunger all the time
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Fatigue
  • Blurred vision
  • Slow-healing wounds
  • Repeated infections
  • You may find certain areas of darkened skin, especially in the armpits and neck

If you find these symptoms you should immediately consult the physician. Also, you should be aware that uncontrolled levels of high glucose in your body may lead to damage to the tissue completely from eyes to toes.

Uncontrolled Diabetes Is Risky and Scary

Type 2 diabetes damages important body systems such as nerves, the blood vessels, which can damage both. The results and risk factors can be severe, dangerous and even fatal. The risk factors are-

  • heart disease and stroke.
  • Eye and vision problems and possible blindness.
  • Kidney problems leading to kidney failure.
  • You suffer from Neuropathy (nerve damage) that can also cause tingling and pain and hands.
  • Infections
  • Dental issues
  • Due to infections, it causes amputations.

These complications may appear scary but you can prevent them or at least manage them.

How to Prevent It

If you notice these symptoms of uncontrolled type-2 diabetes, kindly visit the physician to prevent it from becoming critical. You should take blood tests to confirm whether you have diabetes or not. As of now, you learned that type 2 diabetes is fatal and causes several health issues. Do not wait. You must control or limit it so that you can lead a healthy life for a long time.