An eating disorder can usually be defined as a person having a negative relationship with food. This negative relationship can badly affect one’s health.
Having an eating disorder is more of a mental condition and so it becomes harder to overcome it.

Here are some warning signs that you have an eating disorder.

1)    You are constantly on a diet

People who have an eating disorder are constantly worried about their food intake. They worry about what they eat the time. They might obsess about calories eaten.

Even if the person is thin they do not accept the fact that they are thin and have no reason to eat sparingly.


2)    You over do the exercise part

There is a limit of how much exercise a person can do. If you are always exercising you might be suffering from an obsession of cancelling the food you ate.

over doing exersice

3)    You won’t eat in front of others

You find the act of eating a sin. You don’t realize it but you start eating alone because you don’t want other to see how much you have eaten.
It soon becomes a habit and an obsession. You live in the fear of having others to see how much you binge.

you wont eat infront of others

4)    You binge after long intervals of starving

Sure at times we all go crazy when eating ice cream or cake but there are some people who when not starving for days on end suddenly let loose and eat excessively in one serving that that make them disgustingly full.
Such people need to develop regular and better relationship with food.

Binging on food

5)    Bad body image

Body image is the way you perceive yourself. When you have self-doubts about the way you look and your weight, then you do have a bad body image.

A common cover-up for extra weight, or an extreme loss of weight, is to wear baggy clothes. You spend a lot of time in front of a mirror or obsessing over everything that is wrong with their bodies.

bad body image

6)    You have safe foods

You have a list of foods that you consider safe. You suffer with guilt when you eat something considered not safe. You will go to extreme lengths to keep the ‘bad’ foods away.

safe food

7)    That is all you think about

You are obsessed with your weight and that is the only thing you think about.Obsessing over thinness and thin people is a huge sign. You will often single out the thin people around you and express your envy.
It is brought on by an extreme self-hatred that is recommended to be dealt with in therapy.

Eating disorder treatment clinics are available in numerous locations around the world and you definitely need to consult one of those therapists if you are showcasing any of these signs.