5 Myths about growing old

Are you worried about growing old? Do you think that old age is going to be a bore?

Here are some myths that we have about growing old.

Myth 1 – You will get dementia

Let me clarify this point by telling you that dementia is health related and nothing got to do with age. If you keep away from the wrong medications, exercise and eat right you can avoid the occurrence of dementia at old age. Once again age has nothing to do with dementia.

Myth 2 – No point exercising now

So you haven’t exercised your entire life and you’re thinking that it’s too late to start now. Remember that it is never too late to start exercising. Don’t worry you can make up for all those years lost not exercising.

Myth 3 – You won’t enjoy a good sex life

Sex life all depends on the way you live your life. If you are happy at old age and your partner also has enjoys good health then don’t be surprised to have a better sex life than you had in the past.

Myth 4 – You go into depression

Not everyone become sad when become old and goes into depression. If you are surrounded by friends and family and take the right measures to keep busy always and distract yourself from the negative aspects in life. If you feel that there are chances of you getting depressed, admit it and try to get some help to get your life sorted out.

Myth 5 – Women worry about aging

Women actually are more positive about growing older. They know that they can move on and face the changing phases of life.

Now that you have got all the myths about aging busted, sit back, relax and enjoy the different phases of life without any worries.