Migraine sufferers have a rough deal. They suffer pain and agony while they have to bear with head splitting headaches, blurred vision and much worse. To top it they also might suffer from a lot of other health risks that migraine sufferers are prone to.
It will help you to know about the other health risks to that you can be more prepared and take precautions so that it does not affect you.

Here is what you should be careful about and protect your health:

1)    Hangovers

Migraine sufferers suffer worse hangover as compared to regular people. The symptoms of vomiting, headache and nausea are worse and the only solution is to abstain from alcohol or reduce the consumption of the same.

2)    Depression

Migraine shows up more in people with either bipolar disease or depression. A super excited and hyper excitable brain is to blame for migraines which are shown to cause depression.
Doctors recommend exercise and good night sleep to reduce chances of developing depression in migraine sufferers.

depression and migraine

3)    Fibromyalgia

This condition which causes pain and tenderness of the muscles and joint also suffer from migraine attacks. The reason for this being the fact that they crop up from the same root cause. Here the body suffers the inability to cope with and control pain.


4)    More migraines

It becomes very important to nip migraines in the bud; else the cycle of getting migraines never stops, especially in small disruptions.
The brain of a migraine sufferer gets hyper exited on the smallest of things so it is always best to stick to a schedule.
Small things like kipping a meal, a walk in the sun or even lack of sleep can trigger an attack. And last but not least do not tax your brain too much and take breaks between continuous working hours.


5)    Heart Issues

Migraine medication can cause blood vessels to constrict that will in turn cause stress to your heart. And if you are a smoker then it becomes a deadly combination.

no smoking

6)    Stroke

Migraine sufferers have active blood platelets that increase the chances of clotting. If you feel that your migraine attacks are accompanied by visions of flashing lights, patterns, spots, numbness or tingling in the face and hands then you are at higher risk of getting a stroke.

deadly migraine

The threat of these conditions is always there so it is a good idea to maintain a good lifestyle to keep migraines and associated health risks at bay.