As parents we want our kids to grow up eating healthy and open to trying different foods. It is not just about the nutritional aspect it also relates to the open mindedness of the child to try different foods and have different experiences.
While most kids like to stick to their comfort foods like baked veggies, pasta and more, it would be nice if they would expand the liking of their taste buds to include exotic food like salmon, fava beans, couscous and more…

Here are 5 ways in which you can turn your little one into a more adventurous eater:

1)    Eat at the table

This must not be the first time you are hearing this. Sitting together as a family during mealtimes has a positive impact on their diet, grades and attitude.
Don’t expect too much as smaller kids are usually restless. What kids really need is attention and your company and you can convince him to do anything.

eat at the table

2)    One bite rule

When you make a new dish or are introducing a need food item you need to introduce this ‘one bite rule’ as well. You do not want to subject your kids to gag eating something really awful.
So let them take one mouth and decide whether they are really nauseated or just acting it out.

3)    Bribe

We all do it sometimes. There is nothing to be ashamed about it. Promise something special at the end of the meal if he manages to eat something that he doesn’t particularly enjoy.
For example you can offer ice cream for those who polish off the plate. Let he or she finish off the meal with something he cannot say tastes bad.

bribe to eat vegetables

4)    Spice things up

Try cook things a little different from usual. Sure you serve your kids mac and cheese. Why not spice it up with a dash of mushroom, olives and other spices.

5)    Hard sell the vegetables

Serve vegetables first when the kids are hungriest so that they gulp most of it down without too many protests. Incorporate vegetables in your main dish instead of slamming them on the side of the dish.
For example if you are making lasagna, layer sliced aubergine along with the lasagna sheets.
picky eaters
Kids might not always like what you cook.  But you can follow these steps so that they become more open to variety in their meals.

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