5 Reasons that you need to eat prunes

This shriveled up fruit can actually gross up the appetite of a few people. But once you learn the health benefits of the same, chances are that you will start stocking up on this shriveled up wonder.

Prunes are basically dried plums. They have been used for ages as a natural laxative. But apart from it aiding in your digestion, let us have a look at its other benefits:

Antioxidant – Fight against diseases

  • Prunes are rich in antioxidants that provide protection against radicals and also prevent against cellular damage.
  • Research has proved that prunes are rich in phenols that prevent the cells in our body from getting damaged, in turn keeping us healthy in the process.
  • The phytonutrients present in plums and prunes prevent the damage of cells to the body, especially when it comes to oxidation of fat molecules.
  • The added benefit of eating prunes is that it prevents the free radical damage done to the brain, along with protecting the body from cancer cells and cardiovascular diseases.

Rich in soluble fiber – Prevent type 2 diabetes and lowers cholesterol

  • Prunes are high in soluble fiber that helps control the sugar levels in the body and prevents the sugar levels from spiking up.
  • The soluble fiber in prunes slows down the release of sugar into your blood stream and also makes your body more sensitive to insulin.
  • The soluble fiber also helps in absorbing the excess bile and excreting it, thereby reducing the cholesterol levels in the body.

Prevent osteoporosis and promotes good bone health

  • Research has proved that by eating prunes you can prevent or reduce the amount of bone loss and also the help in improving the bone density in your body.
  • So to have healthy bones you should consume prunes and keep osteoporosis away.

Rich in Vitamin A – Improves eye sight

  • Prunes are rich in Beta-carotene that prevents the formation of cataracts in the eye.
  • The Vitamin A in prunes also helps in improving the eye sight and is good for the overall health of the eyes.

Rich in Vitamin K and Beta Carotene

  • If you want to look and feel younger then eating prunes is the way to go about it. Beta-carotene makes people feel happier and they even fix the damage caused to our cells by free radicals, thus reducing the signs of aging.

So eat up this shriveled dried up fruit and reap its benefits on your own health.

Written by: Rasha Ashraf