clean your makeup bag

Clean your makeup bag often to prevent skin and health issues. How often do you clean it? What is that one utility unit which girls own that gets messy too often? It’s the makeup bag, right?! A smear of eyeliner, smudge of  lipstick with a loosened cap which often opens up, mascara and blush stains here and there.  All right! It’s time to clean the pouch. At first, it might seem like a big task. But follow these steps to clean your makeup bag.

1. Empty the Pouch

The first step to clean your makeup bag is emptying the bag to check the items inside. Take two empty boxes and remove all the makeup items from the pouch. Sort out the old from the new and put in separate boxes.  Eyeliners, lipsticks, lip balms, mascara, Hair serum, a moisturizer that are new in condition go into one box. Set apart the unused and old makeup products in the other box to trash later.

2. Clean the Makeup Brushes

Soak the makeup brushes in warm soapy water. Then take them out and apply shampoo or cleaning gel on the bristles. Make it lather using fingers and swirl them under the tap to remove all the soap and residue from the brush. Follow the same procedure for all types of brushes.

3. Clean Your Makeup Bag and Cosmetics with Alcohol

Use concentrated alcohol in a spray bottle to remove bacteria from cosmetics. Spray it on compact, blush and eye shadow palettes and wipe the sides using a clean tissue. Spray some alcohol on a tissue and use it to wipe clean the outside of the lotion bottles and flapjack.  It is essential to clean your makeup bag and cosmetics to prevent infections.

4. Combs & Hair Brushes

Combs and hairbrushes are different from makeup brushes. Remove all the hairs from the hairbrush. The hair and hair products left in the hairbrushes can make your bag look like trash. Hence it is important to clean them. Use a sharp-edged object like a safety pin to remove the hairs settled at the bottom of the brush. Use a clean toothbrush to remove residue from the combs.  Soak them in hot water mixed with shampoo and a few drops of vinegar. This will remove any dandruff particles left in them.

5. Clean Your Makeup Bag

Flip your makeup bag inside out. Wipe all the eyeliner and lipstick marks using a makeup remover tissue. You can also clean it by soaking in soapy water if it is washable. This will remove all the stains and dirt. Rinse the bag with cold water and hang dry in shade before storing your cosmetics and makeup tools.

Keeping your makeup bag clean is more important than you may think. A dirty makeup bag is not only messy and less accessible but also can invite many skin conditions due to the accumulation of microorganisms.  Devote some time to clean your makeup bag to have healthy skin.