Cumin seeds are native to Asia, Africa, and Europe. In Indian and African regions, cumin is a staple ingredient in the kitchen because of its appetizing smell, taste, and curative nature. The commonly used white cumin seeds and black cumin seeds carry medicinal benefits which makes them an ayurvedic medicine consumed either as a whole or as a condiment in food. Being treated as an important ayurvedic ingredient it shows its effect majorly on the stomach, intestine, and liver. So the health benefits of cumin seeds are mostly related to these organs. Read on to know more about the refreshing health benefits of cumin.

Benefits of cumin seeds

  1. Weight loss

Cumin not only enhances the taste of the food and makes you eat more. It can also help you lose weight. Obesity being a disturbing factor in the life of many adults makes them fall prey to fake products that promise weight loss. Since home remedies take longer time to show evident results we hesitate to take up kitchen ingredients as a solution to obesity.

Cumin seeds can speed up the weight loss process and help you to lose a significant amount of weight over a period. If your problem is belly fat then you should take up the cumin challenge for 20 days. You can add cumin in your diet or take as cumin water daily in the morning

  1. Glowing skin

Your skin needs the right amount of vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. Your skin needs proper blood flow and secretion of oil to glow. Cumin seeds surprisingly can fetch you healthy and glowing skin. Cumin seeds have anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, and have essential oils to keep the skin smooth, blemish-free and glowing.

  1. Stress

Though your lifestyle defines your anxiety and stress, at times you are a victim of stress attacks even after following a healthy lifestyle. Don’t worry cumin seeds are here to rescue you. Cumin seeds are rich antioxidants which can lower sudden stress or anxiety attacks. Intake of cumin regularly will soothe your body and turn up the energy in you. You can work stress-free all day.

  1. Prevents food borne illness

Cumin seeds naturally can resist the growth of food-borne bacteria so that during digestion your system is protected from infectious fungi or bacteria. This is the reason why cumin seeds are used for seasoning or used in foods as a condiment.

  1. Relieve pain and spasms

Cumin oil is one essential solution to reduce muscle cramps and inflammation. Black cumin seeds serve this purpose effectively.

Try these with Cumin seeds

  1. DIY face scrub

Ingredients you need:

2tbsp of cumin + half cup of sugar + 1 tbsp of raw honey + ¼ cup of natural oil + 15 drops of any essential oil.

The scrub prepared can be used all over your face and any part of your body as well. Gently rub the mixture in a circular motion once in a day. Using regularly, this homemade scrub surely leaves your skin glowing and smooth.

  1. Cumin water/ Cumin tea

Cumin water or in the form of tea has effective benefits on your body also it’s very simple to make one. Starting your day by drinking cumin water daily, you will see enormous changes in your body. And try to have cumin water on an empty stomach to see fast results.

All you need to do: Boil 1 tbsp of cumin seeds in water, allow it to cool for some time and take a sip!

 Side effects of cumin seeds

  • If you are diabetic and taking up medicines for diabetes, you should limit your cumin consumption because it may change blood sugar levels which may affect your health.
  • Since cumin carries high therapeutic values, if you ask whether they can be taken as a supplement then we recommend not to because cumin in cooked foods or as water has proven results but cumin as a supplement has unknown effects. So it’s better to check with your physician before you decide to take cumin supplements.