Find out why a 30-day challenge may or may not be of help. Here are the pros and cons of making a healthy habit with online challenges.

Why Do People Do 30-Day Challenges?

The point of 30-day challenges is to create a healthy lifestyle. The human mind and body are conditioned to adapt to habits. Creating a habit is one of the most difficult tasks and studies have found that having a buddy or external motivation could be helpful. 

What Are the Most Famous 30-Day Challenges?

Here are the most popular 30-day healthy lifestyle challenges in the world. These three challenges have been tried, tested, and found beneficial by the majority:

  • 30-Day No Sugar Challenge: Artificial sugar is the topmost ingredient in most packaged edibles. It is the primary cause of various chronic diseases too. The challenge involves abstinence from artificial sugar/sweeteners, the common granulated sugar, and all other forms of processed sugar. 
  • 30-Day Screen Time Challenge: Screen time is not only for children! Most of us work in a job that requires us to sit in front of computer screens and a screen detox is highly recommended for a healthy lifestyle. You can set your breaks or set a timetable to manage your screen time.
  • 30-Day Fitness Challenge: In this type of challenge, you can pick up a particular type of exercise like squats, planks, push-ups, or even running, jogging, swimming, and more for the challenge. The challenge is simple, you practice a particular exercise for 30 days straight. 

How to Start a Healthier Lifestyle?

Consistency is the key, but are 30-day challenges really enough to start a healthier lifestyle? 

First things first, each initiative to make a better lifestyle has different results from person to person. The results of these challenges are no different, the results are influenced by both internal and external factors. 

You can witness the benefits of a no-sugar challenge faster than a squat challenge. You will need more than 30 days to develop a healthy habit and lose one bad habit. But, this doesn’t mean you have to stop because most of these challenges are harmless. Therefore, you can definitely kick start your lifestyle goals with these online fitness challenges.