Wondering if you have bipolar disorder? We all have ups and downs but sudden depression or mania can lead to life-threatening situations. According to DBSA, this serious mental illness affects about 6 million men and women in the US. It can be dangerous for people around them. In the normal phase, they feel energized and brimming with confidence, and eventually, they make a big mistake or foolish investment. When they realize what they’ve done, they end up in a bad state of depression. 

Unsure about the symptoms of bipolar disorder? Here are 10 signs that you’re loved one’s mood issue may be a signal of danger. 

Bipolar Disorder? 10 Signs to Look For

  1. Inappropriate Sleep Schedules – A noticeable change in sleep compared to normal sleep patterns
  2. Increased Irritation – An increase in irritation around pets, crowd, noise, children. The person who leads a life of positivity will suddenly turn negative, shady, mean, and start complaining about everything. 
  3. Feeling Happy for a Long Time – An increase in the happiness levels for a prolonged time mostly for overconfidence and high self-esteem.  
  4. Desires and Passions – A sudden increase in goal-driven activities that are accomplished immediately and stopped when the energy runs out. 
  5. Disinterest – A lack of interest in what they normally find it very interesting. 
  6. Mood Swings – A quick change in the mood in direct contrast to another mood. Being happy one day and crying the next day. 
  7. Decreased Focus – Lack of concentration and inability to do normal things. Completing work tasks, making dinner, or even keeping the room clean becomes difficult. Unable to remember a time, date, and other lists. 
  8. Taking a Big Decision Quickly – Taking big decisions like buying a home, quitting a job without thinking about the consequences. 
  9. Rapid Speech – People who are naturally not so talkative becomes very talkative due to pressured speech which can be the most common symptom of bipolar disorder. 
  10. Control of Ideas – People with bipolar disorder often feel their mind is racing with ideas and they have trouble slowing down or control their thoughts. 

People with bipolar may often don’t recognize or admit their issues. You will be able to clearly notice the changes happening with the person who is suffering from bipolar disorder. Learning these signs will help you keep track of the moods and treat bipolar at the initial stage. 

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