Cardiologists say ladies more than 50 are more prone to heart attacks. If you ask what a coronary failure resembles, people will depict as a gripping feeling in the chest and arm.

Why women over 50 are at higher risk of heart failure?

Older women having an heart attack

The American Heart Association has attempted to explain this. It’s always viewed as a male condition. Rather coronary illness is the main source of death of ladies in the United States. The loss is more among ladies beyond 50 years old.

Be aware of heart failure indications

Heart attack in ladies can appear to be distinct than those in men and we’ll get to that in a moment. There are a greater number of similarities than contrasts in the symptoms. It is important to know what to watch out for.

Respiratory failure side effects for the two people become subtler with age. Indeed, some coronary episodes are so unobtrusive. They are “quiet,”. There is no different manifestation.

There are greater chances of any new, fair and rapid chest pain that may go unnoticed in women. It is hard for women to realise an episode of heart attack than a man. A clinical assessment like ECG or imaging trial will find out the underlying problem.

What are the distinctive symptoms in ladies?

Shortness of breath, sweating profusely, and feeling cold are some of the symptoms. Also queasiness, weariness, shivering fingers is some of the most prominent symptoms.

Also for ladies, heart attack symptoms may vary from pain in the chest and with no symptoms at all.

However, it is better to look out for

  • Radiation of the pain to the shoulder (left more so than right), lower jaw, neck, back upper midriff
  • Sudden onset of fatigue
  • Shortness of breath, light headedness
  • Nausea/indigestion pain near the abdomen
  • Back pain, shoulder pain
  • Muscle pain or tiredness
  • Also, women have a greater likelihood of their symptoms while they rest. The most prominent symptoms in the chest region are discomfort, crushing, pressing aches.

Why do women’s heart attacks go unnoticed?

The symptoms are still vague and mimic any other respiratory or digestive disorders. These symptoms don’t help the doctors to nail the actual cause. Particularly the diagnosis becomes difficult among younger women.

Also another reason is that these symptoms are same as in the case of menopause or ageing in women.

How to differentiate the symptoms of heart attack?

Take time to notice whether the pain is close to the chest region rather than upper abdomen.

You can also look for symptoms which are common in both men and women. Those are prominent fatigue, fainting, and severe sweating. It is better to rush to nearby heart centre or call 911 immediately.

Take  control of your heart health

  1. Knowing about the symptoms is very important to find out the early warnings of the body.
  2. Learn about the family history of heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol.
  3. Check your heart rate, cholesterol levels i a regular manner.
  4. Make rapid life style modifications like diet, exercise and healthy habits.

But there is good news. The death rate in women has reduced in the recent years due to awareness and healthy habits among women.