Certainly, it is a common habit that we pay less attention to what we consider the symptoms of minor health hazards. Most people hesitate to go to the doctor for fear of being prescribed strong medication or painful therapies. And now, with so much information available in the internet regarding self treatments and home remedies, we try our best to avoid clinics and hospitals.

When A Doctor Is Required

But, there may be instances when your body will be giving clues that consulting a physician is necessary. For example, we often take illnesses like common cough and cold, shoulder pains, twitching eyelids or irritation in the knees, lightly. Perhaps, Our bodies could be showing peculiar indications towards critical health problems.

Continuous Hiccups

How about hiccups? Once in a while getting hiccups is normal. Some may also relate hiccups to superstition. However, Mitchell Gaynor, M.D., assistant clinical professor of medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College, says that lung or esophageal cancer may be the cause of continuous hiccups lasting for two or more days. According to him, such types of cancers release antibodies which affect the central nervous system, responsible for controlling hiccups. Constant hiccups may also be a symptom of heart attack.

Ignorance Of Bleeding Gums

The risk of developing several chronic diseases like type-2 diabetes and cardiac issues may also increase due to the ignorance of bleeding gums. Sometimes we see our toothbrush going red while brushing and usually, we take it easy. Plaque results from injury in the blood vessels of the gums, such as inflammation.

Persistent High Fever

Having persistent high fever for more than 3 to 4 days, or fever above 103˚ Fahrenheit (39.4˚ Celsius) is when you ought to call or visit the doctor for prevention of further infections.

Long Lasting Cough And Cold

It’s awful, when that horrible cold and cough doesn’t seem to leave you even after weeks of bearing them. Beware, there may be the risk of developing a disease like asthma called post-bronchitis syndrome. It’s due to temporary shrinkage in the air pipes. So, an appointment with an asthma specialist or pulmonologist is recommended.

Abrupt Loss In Weight 

A sudden and indescribable loss of weight also can turn out serious. Hence, consulting the right specialist such as an endocrinologist is advisable. This might be the symptom of diseases like liver disorders, diabetes, overactive thyroid and depression.

Symptoms of Underactive Thyroid

On the other hand, gaining weight, fatigue, swelling of the face, hair loss, and feeling abnormally cold, could be the symptoms of underactive thyroid and also requires the help of a doctor for testing the thyroid function.

Change In Bowel Movement And Urination

A change in the movement of bowels as well as urination could also require a doctor’s advice. Loose motion, frequent, excessive or less urination, constipation, black colour or blood in the stools should not be ignored.

So, these are certain health hacks we can incorporate in our lifestyle so as to prevent the risk of major illnesses. Definitely, it’s better to undergo a routine check up at intervals, preferably with your family doctor. However, minor tests and examinations may not diagnose the actual disease. Therefore, once you notice any irregular or uncommon tendency in your system, be alert. Go ahead and find the right professional to heal you .