The most important task parents have to do in relation to the health of their child is to take care of their immunization. Every year there are several outbreaks of diseases due to which many kids die each year. The best way to keep your kids safe from these epidemics and outbreaks is to immunize them based on the immunization schedule as recommended by the government.

Here are 5 facts that you need to know about your kid’s immunization:

1) There is no reason to delay injections

You might be thinking in terms of prolonging the pain that your child will be subjected to while he is being poked but the fact is that you are only extending the time in which you child will be susceptible to various illnesses.

vaccination2) Vaccines offer protection

A gentle prick might not seem like much but it offers protection against highly contagious and deadly viruses and diseases. Diseases like measles and whooping cough can lead to death and can be prevented by a simple vaccine. So don’t underestimate the power of getting vaccinated.

3) Entire family should get vaccinated

It is not only the kids but also the adults in the family that need vaccines. The need to get them increases when there is a need to travel abroad.

family vaccinations

4) Immunization schedules and charts are updated every year

The government updates their schedule of recommended vaccinations, both for children from the time of their birth through 6 years of age and for kids aged 7-18 years old.
Do not forget to check this schedule to see if you have missed any or if any better strains of the vaccine are available.

vaccination chart

5) Risk of not getting vaccinated outweighs any risk from the vaccine

A child is exposed to millions of bacteria, viruses and diseases on a daily basis. So a strain of virus from a vaccine is harmless as compared to all what a child is exposed to.

The risk of getting one is minuscule compared to the risk of exposure to a potentially deadly illness.

Keep your family safe and protected at all times by keeping up to date with their immunization chart, especially for kids.