Several animals have been euthanized and culled following the COVID spread. Find out whether your pet is at risk or not. 

Denmark Kills Minks to Prevent COVID Spread

The Denmark government ordered mink farmers to cull their produce until 2022 to prevent the spread of COVID. This order is further extended to 2023. Though farm minks are equally vicious and aggressive as wild inks, their ancestors were chosen 150 years ago for their healthy traits and genes. 

Culling the produce poses a huge loss for Denmark mink farmers given the existing pressure from animal rights laws.  

China Kills Pet Animals Post COVID Infection

China is currently seeing a spike in the number of COVID cases. Harbin, a city in China, went from 0 to 67 COVID cases in one day. Liu, a Chinese cat owner, was one among them. She left her three cats with healthcare workers to receive her treatment. 

Later on, the health care workers requested Liu’s approval to euthanize her cats after they tested positive on the 27th. Though the confirmation was not sent, the cats were killed on the 28th. People are doubtful about the results and the reason behind immediate euthanasia. Liu said that she wanted her pets to get a chance to live just like her. 

Can Your Pet Get COVID?

Following the spread of the virus, veterinary researchers began to test pet animals for infections to prevent people from killing or abandoning their pets due to fear. The study researched 2 hamsters, 18 cats, and 32 dogs for several months. 

In the end, 2 dogs and 1 cat contracted the infection but they were still not a threat to others in their habitat. The study confirmed animals are highly immune against the disease and even the infected ones are not a transmission threat. 

Should You Euthanize a Sick Pet?

Veterinarians suggest euthanizing really sick and untreatable aggressive pets but are pets infected with COVID need to be put down?  

Many netizens approve of this for the greater good. Animal lovers are still skeptical and prefer to have their pets get treated rather than being euthanized. 

While research is still going on to prevent COVID from becoming endemic. Animals contracting COVID and vaccines for them are not on the priority list with millions of humans who don’t have access to vaccines