Aging is a part of our life, some people embrace it and many worry about it. However, the tissues and cells in the body don’t mind your lamenting and perform its work as you grow. The fate of aging is not in our hands but recent research says humans can live up to 180 years and also can slow down the aging process.   

Dave Asprey is popularly called the Father of  Biohacking; he spent 15 years of his life and a million-dollar to hack his own biology. Dave Asprey, an American author, entrepreneur, and also the three-times New York Times best-selling science author for his books- The BulletProof Diet, HeadStrong, and SuperHuman. Asprey says that he expects to live up to the age of 180, for that, he has injected his own stem cell into him, follows a strict diet, bathes in infrared light, uses a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, and wears a special lens while flying or while flying or using a computer. He also takes 150+ supplements a day. Dave has no degree in medicine or nutrition but he has upgraded his brain to greater than 20 IQ and lowered his biological age and lost up to 100 lbs without doing physical exercise. He says a human can live up to 180 years by “biohacking.”  

What Is Biohacking? 

Biohacking is nothing but improving your own body or do-it-yourself biography. There are different types of biohacking, some are safe but some biohacking is unsafe or illegal. But many scientists and critics say that most biohacking is invalid and unscientific which might lead to many side effects. 

Dr. David Sinclair, Harvard Biologist and author of Lifespan says that there is ongoing research not just to slow down aging but also to reverse many aspects of aging. He says that the cells in the body have youthful information and over time they lose the information but they have discovered that there is information in the cell to reset the system just like how we reboot our computer with fresh software. Sinclair gives an example that they recently reprogrammed the eye of an old mouse to be young again and even the mice got their vision back and he says that it’s just the beginning and it’s possible to make younger tissues in the body.  

Are There Steps to Prevent Slowing Down in Aging? 

We’ve picked some simple daily routines followed by the “father of biohacking.” and you can also follow these tips!  

  • He keeps his phone on airplane mode at the night and early mornings
  • Plans his day 
  • Takes a break during exercise 
  • Follows a strict diet without snacks 
  • Sleeps for six hours and also tracks his sleep
  • Stands on a vibration plate 
  • Takes supplements
  • Practices some breathing exercises
  • Eats no-sugar dark chocolate 
  • He Lies on a sleep induction mat for a few minutes.

These are just normal healthy habits. You can follow these tips even if you don’t like to change the cycle of birth and death.