As much as there is tremendous growth in technologies and advancements, surveys reveal that there is an increased number of anxiety disorders among children. There are several reasons that could lead to this state and cannot be pinpointed explicitly as it differs with every kid’s state of mind.

Depressed children
Depressed children

It has nothing to do with age and can occur from toddlers to teens. It’s just that the level of depression varies with exposure to surroundings and environments.

How to identify an anxious kid?

Most often children with anxiety disorders aren’t spotted until there is an event of mishap or even adverse pathological conditions. Early detection can help your child recover from sorrowful depressions and phobias.

Anxious kids
Anxious kids
  • Be cautious if there are noticeable changes in the daily life that affects their regular behavior.
  • When your kid is hyperactive and unable to cope up with school, family or friends.
  • Times when outdoor activities, presence in public or sleepover with pals actually frightens them and put them in a state of stress and panic.
  • Extreme levels of exam fears and phobias of getting punished.
  • Insecure thoughts and sleeplessness or disturbed nights.

How can parents help?

Parents' help
Parents’ help

It is every parent’s duty to keenly notice their kid’s everyday behavior. Most of the anxiety disorders go unnoticed mainly because of negligence. Here are a few ways parents can help children get over the stressful state they are in.

  • Everyday attention and spending quality time to discuss the fears.
  • Support them by ensuring your presence in times of difficulties.
  • Take them for a breezy walk or some good physical exercises so that they are diverted from overthinking.
  • Breathing routines can help children overcome hypervigilance and be more patient in their doings.
  • Take good psychic help from medical practitioners if things are out of control such as when children talk more about suicides and deaths.

Substance use, harassment, and bullying have done a lot of damage to the kids of today. When the friends’ circle and school environment play a major role in raising them right, it is also a parent’s role to understand your child’s behavior and needs and help them deal with it.


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