Today we’re gonna see one of the most killer diseases that take the lives of many men and women. Myocardial infarction or heart attack caused due to ventricular fibrillation of the heart. Thankfully there’re procedures like coronary Angiogram and Balloon Angioplasty and other clot dissolving drugs that can instantly unblock the arteries restoring the blood circulation in heart limiting the damages, but if not treated in the early stages, it might bring the victim to the final stage of life. Well, the way you think about how the heart attack happens may not be accurate. Knowing the real warning signs will be helpful always.

Some used to mistake between heart attack, heartburns and heart arrest. Here are the signs of Heart Attack.

  1. Extreme Fatigue: Feeling tired and uneasy for about weeks and also gaining extreme weight can be a sign of heart trouble.

  2. Chest Pressure, Heaviness: some victims involve with chest discomfort that lasts for few minutes, goes away and comes back.

  3. Pain in the neck, shoulder, arm, jaw: if you face any upper body pain, it is better to get a doctor’s consultant.

  4. Fainting and Light-headedness: Sensing a light-headed or dizziness, anxiety or extreme weakness.

  5. Nausea: many people mistakes themselves considering a vomiting sensation are related to some stomach disorders but you must know that it’s even related to heart issues.

  6. Shortness of Breath may happen with or without a chest ache: there are no apparent reasons for people struggling of air-shortness. Some heart attacks or silent attacks may occur with or without any chest pain, adding sweating and shortness of breath.

Woman is clutching her chest, acute pain possible heart attack, monochrome image, pain area of red color

Tip: Never Ignore these Heart Attack Signs! Seek a doctor soon…