1. Egg Yolk Is Bad

Egg Yolk Is Bad

This is one of the popular urban nutrition myths. Egg yolk contains cholesterol and many people avoid taking it fearing to put on weight. The fat present) in the yolk is good for the body and doesn’t harm in any way. Egg yolk is rich in protein just like egg white and it has 43% of total egg protein.

2. HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup)

It is a sweetener made with glucose and fructose and believed to have a higher level of fructose. But it is not true as there is only a fraction of difference in fructose levels between regular sugar and High fructose corn syrup.

3. Don’t Skip Your Breakfast

It is one of the popular nutrition myths. Skipping your breakfast is not a grave mistake. You can not harm your body by missing breakfast. Skipping your meals actually helps the body rejuvenate itself. Humans are biologically capable of fasting. Remember, the Stone Age man ate only when he was able to earn food from hunting. Fasting keeps you fit.

4. Supplements Are Necessary

These are vitamins and minerals. Taking a supplement depends on your food intake and other health conditions. However, a healthy person need not take any supplements. Sometimes over intake of these micronutrients can also cause health issues. High levels of calcium in the blood will cause kidney stones. Also, it is better not to take supplements for a prolonged time.

5. Drink More Water to Lose Weight

Drink More Water to Lose Weight

This is one of the classic nutrition myths. Drinking more water doesn’t increase your metabolism to any significant amount. And it doesn’t flush the fat out. In fact, drinking more water can harm your kidneys as it doubles its work of flushing out extra fluid from the body. If the kidneys are not able to remove excess water the sodium levels in the blood are diluted which creates the need for immediate medical attention.

6. Sugar Causes Diabetes

This is one of the popular nutrition myths. Sugar doesn’t cause type 1diabetes and type 2diabetes. Diabetes is a lifestyle condition rather than a diet-induced disease. Heredity also plays a role in causing type 1 diabetes. You have to reduce your sugar intake just to not increase the blood sugar level further.

7. Brown Eggs Are More Nutritious Than White Eggs

Brown Eggs Are More Nutritious Than White Eggs

Brown eggs are not more nutritious than white eggs. It’s just that the shells are in different colors as they are from different breeds. Otherwise, there are no nutritional differences between the brown eggs and the white eggs.

8. Vegetarians Are Healthier Than Non-Vegetarians

Not all vegetarians are healthier than non-vegetarians. Vegetarians have to keep a check on their protein intake with dairy or legumes. Or else there is a greater chance for them to become malnourished.

9. Chewing Gum Helps to Lose Weight

Chewing Gum Helps to Lose Weight

No. Chewing gum does not make you lose cheek fat rather can only give you only jaw pain if you overdo it.