If you are looking to lose weight or not, the idea of a whole-body reset diet is a bit tempting! Especially if you are a health-conscious person- you should definitely try this. It is a program that helped many to lose weight in a short period of time.

What Is Body Reset Diet?

Body reset diet is a smoothie drinking plan which will boost up your metabolism and yield dramatic results with healthy intake. It is a low-calorie 15-day diet created by Celebrity fitness trainer Harley Pasternak. The idea of this program is that, eating a plant-based diet made up mostly of smoothies over 15 days, you can train your body to use energy more efficiently and burn calories faster. Continue this regularly and exercise three or four days per week for better results.

The Program Involves Three Phases

Phase 1

You should drink three smoothies a day. For example, you only consume smoothies for your meals – white smoothies for breakfast, red for lunch, and green for dinner. The white smoothie contains milk or yogurt, it contains a good source of protein. Red smoothies are full of fruits to give you a burst of energy and green smoothies are filled with vegetables, greens to keep you full at night.   

Phase 2

For the second 5 days, you should drink two smoothies per day and can replace one with solid food like a sandwich, salad, or fry.

Phase 3

And in the third phase, you are allowed to skip two smoothies with another solid food. These last five day phases are intended to ease you back into eating more solid foods. 

The Pros and Cons of the Body Reset Diet


  • Short term program
  • Can see results quickly
  • Less gym and workouts
  • Can eat crunchy snacks


  • Smoothies can get boring
  • Making smoothies can take time
  • Bit costly
  • Weight loss may not last 

How Does the Body Reset Diet Work?

Body reset diet is not a long time program.  For the first five days, you should replace your breakfast, lunch, and dinner with white, green, and red smoothies. Food intake would be lower when you consume a smoothie, assisting you to balance health and lifestyle. Then eat two 150 – 200 calories snacks a day. You should walk at least 10,000 steps daily. Do exercises regularly like few dips, reverse flies, planks. You should try these on a regular basis.