Breast cancer has become a common type of cancer across the globe. There are several misconceptions associated with breast cancer. These breast cancer myths have to be busted to take proper preventive measures. Here are some of the breast facts and myths:

Antiperspirants cause breast cancer

The chemicals that might be present in deodorants, such as aluminum and paraben, are believed to be the cause of breast cancer- which is a myth. The potential contact from the deodorant applied to the underarm cannot be the cause, as there are no studies to prove it. These substances can have other impacts when used over time, but there are no proofs to substantiate the cause of cancer.

Only in women

Breast cancer is mostly associated only with women. But in some rare cases, even men develop breast cancer. It is not just the human race that falls under the spectrum. Even animals like cats and dogs can fall prey to breast cancer. 

Injury causes cancer

It is assumed that any injury or wound on the breast could be the cause- which is one of the breast cancer myths. The occurrence of the trauma would draw attention to the breasts, making the already existing tumor visible. 

Underwire bra causes breast cancer

The notion that wearing underwire bras causes breast cancer is a myth. Underwire bras are for support and getting lifted breasts; there are no researches/ studies to prove that underwire bras or any other type of bra, or going braless can lead to breast cancer.

No family history, not at risk

Hereditary and family history of breast cancer calls for precaution. It does not mean those without a cancer past are not prone to any risk, which is a myth. There are chances of developing breast cancer, or any cancer, without the first family circle having a cancer past.

Mastectomy- the ultimatum

If an individual is diagnosed with breast cancer, mastectomy is not the only solution. Radiation, hormonal therapies, and the next stage of lumpectomy are the treatment options. When the cancerous cells spread across the breasts without options for securing cells from spreading to other organs, mastectomy is the solution. Thus, breast cancer treatment does not only refer to the removal of breast tissues.

Lump= tumor

Any lump that develops in the breast is not cancerous. There are chances of benign lumps. Monitor it closely, even though it is benign for any pain or change in size. Perform self-breast examinations to understand the current condition now and then. 

A mammogram can cause cancer

A mammogram is a test run to examine the breast. There are notions associated with the process of mammography that it can cause or spread breast cancer. The breast is compressed during the test to get a close look at the state of any lumps or tumors or to determine if any. There is no proof that mammograms lead to cancer; it is a myth. 

It is essential to take care of your breasts. Self-breast examinations at regular intervals are a necessity. Remember, it is crucial to know the normal to understand or spot any abnormalities. This blog aims to breast cancer awareness and to exhibit unknown facts about breast cancer. Please visit a doctor immediately if you have any symptoms or abnormalities in your breast.