Everyone says not being able to sleep is due to stress, depression, tension, etc. The real reason you stayed up late at night even though you felt tired the entire day is bedtime procrastination.

Science Behind Bedtime Procrastination

Relaxing doesn’t always involve sleeping, and people do various tasks to feel refreshed and relaxed.

With a busy schedule, relaxing becomes challenging as you are already drowning in work. The only feasible option is to move your bedtime further into the night.

In reality, sleep is the only form of relaxation for your brain, and sacrificing a few hours of sleep to relax the way you want to will affect you irrespectively.

Thus, you take revenge on your busy life by doing what you missed during the day and not sleeping. This is popularly known as “Revenge Bedtime Procrastination.”

What Causes Bedtime Procrastination?

  • Even 8-hours of sleep is inadequate if you sleep after 11 at night
  • Constant exposure to bright screens affects sleep schedule
  • Individuals who regularly procrastinate also procrastinate their sleep
  • Disrupted personal and professional life balance due to work from home
  • Consumption of alcohol or coffee at odd hours
  • Unreasonable goals that stress out

How Revenge Bedtime Procrastination Affects You?

  • It causes fatigue, makes you feel sleepy the entire day
  • Sleep deprivation can affect your mental, physical and emotional health
  • Quality of life deteriorates
  • Can trigger anxiety and panic attacks
  • Your entire routine can go haywire.

How to Tackle?

  • Dim lights during the night
  • Get a comfortable mattress
  • Sleep at the same time every day
  • Don’t work out or eat heavy close to bedtime
  • Set easy goals that won’t affect your sleep schedule
  • Try reading a book before bed
  • Don’t deprive yourself of recreational activities
  • Increase your self-control
  • Get three hours of extra sleep if you sleep after 11
  • Go to a professional if nothing helps

Revenge bedtime procrastination is prevalent in China and has been increasing in the U.S. It is necessary to balance your personal and professional life, but sacrificing sleep to stay updated is not advisable.

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