Here are 8 food safety myth busters you need to know ASAP to reform your food storage and dietary habits for a fit and healthy lifestyle. 

Food Safety MythBusters

These 4 food safety myths are widely popular in the west and here is the factual reason behind each myth. 

Food Safety Myths- Food Storage

Here are eight food safety myths with regards to the storage of fresh and frozen food:

A Loaded Fridge Will Maintain a Cold Temperature

Your fridge should maintain a temperature below 5℃ because harmful bacteria can rapidly multiply at a temperature between 5℃ to 60℃. An overloaded fridge will not be able to keep your food cold enough to prevent it from spoiling. Calculate the cooling power of your fridge before you begin to load. 

You Can Eat Expired Food

This is one of the most popular myths about food safety. Many people believe that it is okay to eat expired food within a few weeks or months depending on the nature of the food. The best before date is added to packaged food to indicate the date of expiry of added flavors, preservatives, and others rather than the food itself. Therefore, consuming food after the ‘best before date’ is fine but you cannot expect the same quality, taste, color, and flavor. 

You should never consume expired food even if it looks and smells good because the chemicals in it can make you fall sick. 

The Best Way to Defrost Food Is by Leaving It on the Counter

The best way to defrost food is by leaving it inside the fridge or by microwaving it. Leaving the food outside will encourage bacterial formation on the surface while the center remains frozen for hours. Never refreeze thawed meat or anything else for that matter.  

There Is No Need to Wash Raw Food Before Cooking

The myth that washing with water and food-safe detergent will remove bacteria from the surface of the food is true but it will contaminate the workstation and other equipment inside the kitchen through spillage. The best way to remove bacteria is by cooking the food at an appropriate temperature. You should wash food only to remove external particles like sand and dirt. 

Common Food Safety Myths- Diet Needs

We have seen food safety myths surrounding food storage. Here are 4 food safety myths exposed regarding food consumption for you. 

Only Outside Food Can Cause Food Poisoning

Not at all, any food that is improperly cooked or left outside for a long time can give you food poisoning. The cooking and storing habits you learned from family and friends may not work given the changing atmosphere and quality of produce. 

What Causes Food Poisoning? 

The last food you ate is not responsible for your food poisoning at all! Food poisoning takes around 1 to 3 days to set in and only the last dish you ate bears the entire blame. Plastic or wooden chopping boards do not make a difference. You have to keep a clean board and utensils to prevent infection. 

Cooked Rice Should Not be Leftover

Cooked rice should be refrigerated and cannot be leftover on the countertop for over 24 hours. Rice is cooked at extreme temperatures and bacteria formed on these can survive after reheating.  Plus, you should not reheat any food more than once.  

You Can Eat Rare Steak If the Surface Is Cooked Properly

This is not applicable for sausages and minced meat used in burgers and other foods. In uncut meat the surface becomes the breeding ground for bacteria and frying it properly will kill them. In the case of minced or sausages, the surface meat mixes with others, contaminating the entire food. Therefore, you need to deep cook it to kill bacterial colonies.