When you experience toothache you imagine that there is nothing more painful in this planet. A cavity cannot be the only reason that you are suffering from toothache.
You need to pay attention to where the pain is coming from, the intensity of the pain, the duration of the pain or when it occurs.

Here are a few reasons that you might be suffering from toothache without having a cavity:

1)    Gum infection

Gum infection nowadays plagues nearly one third of the population. It has increased due to the lifestyle and food habits. Basically gum disease is when bacteria or germs enter your tooth and gums to the extent that the body cannot fight it off. Gum infection causes bleeding gums, gum recession and even tooth sensitivity.
You need to visit a dentist to get it cleaned up at regular intervals and use prescribed sensitivity toothbrushes, paste and even oral mouth washes.

2)    Gum recession

Brushing too hard, gingivitis or gum disease can cause your gums to recede from the original height. When the gums recede it gets closer to the root that connects the nerves. So when your structure is so exposed your teeth become sensitive and you can sense extreme discomfort while eating hot or cold food and drink.

Tooth recession

3)    Tooth trauma

This trauma can be experienced either immediately or even several years after a traumatic incident. When an accident happens you may bang your head, jaw or any area close to the teeth and its nerves.
In such accidents the tooth can suffer from trauma in the form of the nerves going dead, the tooth cracking or facture. Such trauma that affects the nerve ending in the tooth can cause sensitivity.

Tooth broken in trauma

4)    Grinding teeth in sleep or unconsciously

Grinding your teeth can lead to it cracking, a fracture and can even make the tooth loose. Meet a dentist to help you evaluate how you can curtail this problem. The dentist will evaluate how your teeth fit together and might do some treatment to reduce the friction.
Grinding tooth
5)    Sinus

The root of certain teeth sits near the sinuses. The sinus infection can cause pressure to that extent that it is mirrored on the tooth.

Sinus- tooth pain

6)    Recent tooth work

If you have had any work done on your teeth like drilling, filling or a root canal procedure then these work done in your mouth can cause sharp sensitivity. These sensitivities last for a few months. If it persists for too long then you might want to visit the dentist to get it checked.

tooth work

7)    Cracked tooth

You might not have realized it but biting into something hard or falling or a minor accident might have caused your tooth to crack. Since the cracked portion has not fallen off you might not have noticed.
The crack will weaken the tooth and become sensitive when you eat or drink hot or cold stuff and can even be experienced while chewing or biting. Cracks in the front can be checked out on our own. But it is not easy to spot cracks at the back. Better visit a dentist to help identify the cracked tooth.

Cracked tooth

8)    Brushing too hard

Of course we want to keep our pearls clean but sometimes brushing too aggressively can hurt you and even affect the tooth structure. Brushing too hard eventually leads to gum recession that leads to tooth sensitivity.

Brushing tooth too hard

Tooth pain is trickier than it looks. On the safer side, it is always best to head to the dentist’s office so that you can get examined by a professional who can help pinpoint the cause of the ache better.

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