6 Ways to make your pizza healthier

Pizza is consumed all over the world. What started out at as a poor man’s dish in Italy is a rage all over the world.Pizza cannot be actually classified in the junk food category if made with healthy ingredient options.

Here are some ways to ensure that your pizza that you eat is healthy:

  • Whole grain crust

Choose to eat your pizza made of whole wheat or other multi-grained options. If you’re making your own crust so much the better as you can make sure that you get the right amount of fiber and protein in it.

  • Healthy Topping

Do not go overboard on the toppings. You can choose from a variety of healthy low fat options. Avoid the fatty pork and processed topping. Instead load your pizza with tons of vegetables such as mushrooms and even pumpkin or broccoli.

  • Make your own sauce

It is better to avoid drowning your pizza with processed or canned tomato sauce as often these sauces are made using lots of sodium and other preservatives. Make your own sauce using fresh tomatoes, olive oil and other fresh ingredients.

  • Control your portions

No matter how healthy you make your pizza, it is always healthier not to go overboard and eat more that you should be eating. They key to becoming thin is to not fill your stomach fully but infact to leave one-third empty.

  • Leaner meats and proteins

Choose to top your pizzas with leaner meats such as thin slices of salami or chicken. Instead of using meats such as beef or pork go in for protein such as chicken and turkey.

  • Leaner cheeses

The fresher the cheese is the better. Select cheese with lesser fat and salt content. Fresh mozzarella is the best option for a healthy pizza.

You need not cut out pizza from your diet. Just opt to eat the healthier version.