Have you ever had to deal with a situation where you can’t figure out why your toddler is crying? It might be because of something silly as not being able to fit the pieces of puzzle a certain way or even not putting on his cap the way he wants it put on his head.
It might seem funny to us grownups but toddlers have frustrations too.They have big ideas about what they want, but can’t always communicate them clearly.They are easily overwhelmed by their emotions, so not being able to do up a zipper can quickly turn into a tantrum.


Here are 5 ways to deal with toddler frustrations:

1) Frustration is normal

Frustration is an essential part of toddler development.Toddlers learn through trial and error. When something doesn’t work for them, they need to experience frustration in order to move on to the next step.
Toddlers who are frustrated often behave badly by screaming and hitting. Parents often react to that behavior with threats or punishments and this is the wrong way to deal with such a situation.

2) Be close

Some children will accept being held and comforted, while others simply need you to stay close and show empathy.
Putting a child in time out or on a ‘naughty chair’ can make him feel rejected at a time when he needs help to deal with his emotions.
You need to make your child to know that you are there for them and punishing them is not the remedy.


3) Set them up

Toddlers are much more quickly frustrated if they’re hungry, tired or stressed, so paying attention to those needs can help stave off frustration.
It might also help if you give them choices rather than giving them orders.
Toddlers are developing independence and often resist direct orders, then become frustrated when you insist.

4) Accept the tears

As much as we don’t like tears, it is important for us as parents to understand that children need to experience these emotions to grow and develop. You don’t have to give in to tears but just respect them.

naughty toddlers

5) Be patient

As much as you would like to pull out your hair and yell at your kid, give them some time to overcome the frustration so that they can handle their emotions better in future.

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