We wouldn’t have given our privates much thought when we are running or even after. As a runner we give great importance to our shoes, clothing and other gear that you need while running.
What we don’t realize is that running actually affects the whole body, privates included.
Here are 5 things every runner should know about her privates while she is hitting the track:


1) Discharge is normal

Running might not make you produce more vaginal discharge but it can make you eject it more. So if you do find more discharge in your panties after a long run do not panic. When you run, you exert more pressure on your abdomen that results in more things coming out. If you find the discharge annoying you can think of using panty liners. But if you notice the discharge for even weeks after a run that is accompanied by redness or itchiness, then it’s time to head to the doctor.

2) Running can increase risk of yeast infections

When you run you sweat a lot and when this sweat is not dried off quickly it can become the breeding ground for natural bacteria and yeast to grow and multiply and turn into infections.
So runners need to take care to buy underpants made of cotton, moisture wicking and anti-bacterial material.


3) Your breasts can throw you off form

It is not just the movement and bounce but also the frequency of movement that can affect your form while running. If you run for hours every week, you breasts are also bouncing thousands of times.
Without realizing it you will alter your form by hunching, moving your arms less frequently and other ways. Whichever the way it hurts your form and can set you up for injuries and can even damage the soft tissues that support your breasts.

4) Urine leakage is possible

Urine leakage is often caused by weakened pelvic floor muscles that are usually caused by delivery, menopause or other hormonal changes. When you are exercising, increasing your intra-abdominal pressure and bouncing up and down can force your uterus to press into your bladder and cause a leakage. Work on strengthening your pelvic muscles and urinate when you feel the urge and not hold it in.


5) Chaffing happens below the waist

There is nothing to be embarrassed about as the vagina can get chaffed when running. You can prevent this from happening by applying anti-chaffing gels, creams or ointments so that they don’t get irritated when you nether regions rub against each other while running.