Some people live to eat. They love to experiment and try all sorts of foods. Being a critic or connoisseur of food is not easy as eating a lot of food wreaks havoc on your body and overall health.
So for those of you who have to eat to earn a living here is a few tips to watch your weight:

1) You do not have to clean your plate
You don’t need to finish everything on your plate.It’s all about tasting, not eating the whole dish. Dividing your meal in two and either share half of it with a friend or box them up for tasty leftovers
It is always better to just take a bite or two rather than going overboard.

2) Keep moving
You have to find some way to burn those calories. If you keeping procrastinating exercise you will always get busy with other stuff. If you don’t fit in a time to work out you have to somehow add it in to your routine by walking to work, taking the stairs or the like.
3) Stock healthy provisions
You can’t always control what you’re inundated with by the world every day. But you can make a choice of what’s in your fridge and pantry.
Keep sugary and processed foods out of sight and out of mind. If they’re there you will eat them as the temptation will always be there.


4) Season
Healthy foods need not taste bland and boring. Spice up the healthy veggies by using spices and herbs that will make the dishes more delicious and satisfying.

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