5 Mistakes we make while stretching for a workout

It is very important to stretch your body before and after a workout. It helps in stretching your muscles and makes it loose before a workout.

  • Skipping warm up stretches

Stretching your body before a workout is the key to perfect weight loss during a workout. It is important to get your body to raise its body’s temperature slowly and also to stretch the muscles properly to avoid injury.Even the most fitness addictive people try to skip stretching. Try stretches for a month and see the difference it makes in your weight loss. Once you see the results, you’ll never skip warm up stretches again.

  • Going through the stretches too fast

Do not do stretches just for the heck of it. You need to go through them gradually if you want to be benefited from them. What actually happens when you rush through your stretches is that you fail to stretch a lot of the muscles.

  • You ignore pain while stretching

One lesson you need to learn from the pros is that you need to stop when you suffer from pain. If you’re stretching your muscles the wrong way, you might experience pain and it will only do further damage if you continue the stretch instead of putting a stop to it immediately.

  • Forgetting to stretch after the workout

It is equally important to stretch when cooling down. Stretching after a workout helps in restoring the muscles and prevents your muscles from freezing up that cause aches and pains.

  • Not stretching on days you don’t visit the gym

Who says stretching is restricted only to the days you work out at the gym. Stretch on other days as well so that you can give your body a mild workout and also lead yourself on the path of good flexibility.

Get these stretches right and see the difference they make on your health plan.

Written by: Rasha Ashraf