2020 is about to end and the entire world is eagerly waiting to bid adieu to the cruel year. There are lots  of festivals down the corner to cheer you up. Considering COVID-19 pandemic, this December is not just the season of celebrations. So surprise your loved ones with thoughtful and helpful gifts. Here are some healthy holiday gift ideas that you can present to your family and friends.

Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas


Wearing a Mask is the first and foremost key measure that one should follow to protect themselves from COVID-19. There are different types of fashionable masks available in the market. From funny, embroidered masks to bandana and transparent there are various options for you to select.

2.Yoga Mat

Doing yoga regularly will boost metabolism which increases immunity and keeps diseases at bay. Being at home all alone can make you feel stressed and depressed which can be fought through yoga. Mental health is as important as physical health so a yoga mat is an appropriate healthy holiday gift to present in this pandemic.

3.Hand Sanitizer

Gifting a hand sanitizer can protect your loved ones from COVID-19. Sanitizing your hands and disinfecting the surfaces is mandatory in this pandemic. Keychain hand sanitizer is handy and stylish which you can fix in your backpack or purse.

4.Subscription for Any OTT Platform


This is a simple and easy trick that makes your friend stay at home. Nearly 50% of Netflix users are the one who subscribed during this pandemic, let your friend join this club and explore all the genres, this makes entertainingly occupied which eventually makes him/her stay at home.

5.Health Checkup Gift Cards


You can give health checkup gift cards to elderly people. This is a simple and impressive gift that shows that you care for them. Health checkup gift cards come in various categories like wellness, fitness, etc.


6.Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser


This device dispenses the required amount of sanitizer automatically without the necessity to touch as it works with sensors. This is completely non-contact intelligence so it will lower the risk of virus cross-infection.


7.Social Distancing Stick


Six feet pole or a social stick is a retractable 6 feet stick that shows the accurate 6-feet distance when opened. This stick is handy and pocket friendly. This stick makes you follow a perfect six feet social distance.




There is a chance of transmission of the virus through outside food. So it’s better to cook healthy meals/dishes at home. Cooking is one of the important life skills one should know. So gifting a cookbook will never get old.


9.Seeds and Plants


Gardening has many benefits. It can cheer your mood and give you a stress-free life. This gift is good for both mind and body and it also gives you self satisfaction. COVID-19 is more likely to attack people with Vitamin-D deficiency, gardening makes you get enough Vitamin D which prevents you from COVID-19.


 10.Rapid COVID-19 Testing Kit

There is a risk that you may get infected with COVID-19 even if you visit a hospital for testing. On the other side, it is not advisable to stay at home if you have any symptoms of COVID-19. So, this kit comes as a savior with an inbuilt COVID -19 testing device that you can test comfortably at home

Definitely, these unusual healthy holiday gift will play a major role in their lives. Select any gift from the list above present to your dear ones and make their boring pandemic holiday into a happy, healthy, and cheered one.