This is something which we keep hearing everywhere “ Wash your hands to avoid COVID-19”. Can you really prevent the coronavirus by washing hands? Here we have gathered up some information about why washing hands isn’t enough to prevent covid infection and what are the other ways to prevent COVID infection rather than washing hands. Read on to discover what happens when we wash our hands and what happens when we don’t wash it.


What will happen by washing hands?

Washing hands has been one of the greatest advances in medicines. Before the arrival of COVID-19, washing your hands and face has been a normal hygienic routine. By keeping your hands clean you can avoid getting sick due to various diseases and germs that attack your body. There is an estimated result of nearly 5,00,000 children dying each year due to unwashed hands. When you take COVID-19, washing hands is one of the great ways to prevent COVID-19. But simply washing hands in the running water won’t help you to get rid of the germs and viruses. Rather you must use sanitizers to prevent infection and inflammation. But beware of hand sanitizers when you are choosing them.


What happens when you don’t wash your hands?

If you don’t wash your hands it will make you ill not healthy. There spreads a rumor that unwashed hands will help you to boost your immune system. No, it is not true. There are millions of germs and viruses in this world, among them, only some boost your immune system. Unwashed hands will lead to various health issues like respiratory problems, the common cold, meningitis, and chicken box. You might also get affected by coronaviruses. When you don’t wash your hands the germs could get into your body and make you fall sick.


What are the other ways to prevent COVID infection?

Keeping your hands clean is one of the easiest ways to keep yourself from getting sick from infections and diseases. Rather than sanitizing your hands, there are many other ways to protect yourself from getting infected from COVID-19.


Social Distancing 

Avoid social gatherings. Maintain social distancing about a one-meter distance from each other. Avoid physical contact like handshakes, hugs, and holding hands whenever you meet somebody.

Keep Yourself Clean 

Keep yourself clean by washing yourself whenever you come back home from outside. Avoid touching surfaces that are not hygienic. Don’t touch your face, nose, mouth, and any other parts of the body with dirty hands.

Keep Your Surroundings Clean

Keep your surroundings clean by removing the garbage and dirty things often. Keep your house clean by sanitizing and disinfecting the things which you touch often like a doorknob, faucets, mobile phone, remote controls, etc…

Don’t Forget Your Mask

By wearing masks you can protect yourself from exposure to germs, bacteria, and also from an infected person. Don’t forget to cover your face whenever you go outside. Opt for a fabric mask when you are in a crowded place.


Washing hands is one of the efficient ways to protect yourself against COVID-19 and various health issues. But only by washing your hands, you can’t avoid getting infected. You might also get infected through respiratory droplets of an infected person when they cough or sneeze. Therefore it is important to follow every procedure to safeguard ourselves against infections.