Trendy new diets are emerging every now and then. But are they all safe and healthy? Sirtfood diet is one of the latest diets which is favorite among all celebrities and people. But nutritionists and health experts swipe left for the Sirtfood diet as it does not provide the nutrition which you want. 


What Is a Sirtfood Diet?


The Sirtfood diet is a plant-based diet that focuses on sirtuins(SIRTs), a group of 7 proteins found in our body that protects the cells in the body from dying and getting damaged. It is believed that sirtuins burn fat in the body & boost metabolism. 


What Are the Two Phases of Sirtfood Diet?


First Phase 

The first phase lasts for 7 days which involves calorie restriction. For the first 3 days, calorie intake is reduced to 1000 calories per day. You will eat one Stirfood diet meal and drink 3 green juices per day. For the next  4- 7days calorie intake is increased to 1500 calories which include two stir food meals and two green juices per day. 


Second Phase 

The second phase lasts for 2 weeks and there is no calorie restriction during this phase. Instead, you will eat three stir food diet meals and one green juice per day. After the three weeks, you are requested to follow a balanced diet with stir food diet meals and green juices. 


Sirtfood Diet Includes 

The Sirtfood diet includes the list of top 20 foods that are rich in sirtuins are Buckwheat, birds-eye chili – a type of small, hot pepper, capers, celery, cocoa, coffee, dark chocolate, extra virgin olive oil, green tea especially matcha, kale, lovage – a green leafy herb also called sea parsley, Medjool dates, parsley,  red chicory also called radicchio, red onion, red wine, arugula, soy, strawberries, turmeric, and walnuts.


The Sirtfood diet also has a meal plan which contains meat products that include many recipes with chicken, salmon, shrimp, eggs, and other lean meats. Dairy products are restricted. There is also a diet book available for a stirfood diet that contains sirtuin-rich foods recipes.


Why Nutritionists Warn Sirtfood Diets Is Not Healthy


  • As research says stirfood diet helps in weight reduction and prevents you from diseases but there is no convincing proof related to the Sirtfood diet so far. 


  • The phase of this diet is more challenging as you follow a strict diet at the start and a moderate diet in the end.


  • The stir food diet will help you to lose weight at the beginning as the intake of calories is low. But you may gain weight as soon as the diet is over.


  • The duration of the diet is too small to have a long-term impact on your health so there won’t be any change in disease prevention.


  • Following a fast and strict restricted diet results in a rapid loss of glycogen( a form of carbohydrate) and water in the liver and skeletal muscle.


  • A fast form of weight loss results in increasing the risk of gallstones and amenorrhoea (absence of menstrual periods)


  • Sirtfood diet is not suitable for people with serious health conditions as they require a high protein and carbohydrate which are not available in a stir food diet.


  • Limited variety of food and fruit intake for a long time leads to vitamin and mineral deficiency. 

Many of the Stir Foods recommended here are the healthiest but its pattern is not healthy. Maintaining a stir food diet is dangerous as it doesn’t provide you the nutrition which your body wants. The Sirtfood diet food consists of low carbohydrates which increase the risk in non-health persons.