The world is moving at a pace beyond imagination and who knew that a robot could soon replace a human partner. Just as much as you are taken aback by the topic, it is a fact that sex toys is a billion-dollar market and there are more and more of the robots introduced in the market to meet the rising demand.

Dealing with human emotions
Dealing with human emotions

Though it is still a distant dream in several parts of the globe, countries like China and Japan are bringing in newer innovations and advancements as far as the sex toy industry is concerned. Though these plastic partners were initially designed to offer a mere companionship, robotic scientists are working towards adding responses and stimuli that closely resembles a human.

What is the human emotion while being with a robot?

Human Emotions
Human Emotions
Source: Google Images
  • Though you have a physical presence right in front of you, the sex toy is a mere machine and doesn’t do much to deal with your feelings. It is simply accessible to anyone and psychologists feel that you might end up in stress.
  • Loneliness is one another threat that may arise when you totally depend on a machine to have a conversation with. The human brain is designed to be social and when you try to stay away from the crowd, it only leads to solitude and mental disturbance.
  • You might actually lose interest in a real relationship. Your idea of love will solely depend on physical needs and a regular human contact might scare you.

Leaving aside the drawbacks, sexbots are an interesting invention and you may even call it a super-techie and physical version of virtual assistants such as Siri and Alexa.

Humanoid Robot, Harmony
Humanoid Robot, Harmony Source: Google Images

For instance, Harmony is a human robot that has been programmed to imitate nearly twenty emotions such as being jealous, show excitement and shower love to its companion. It also has freckles on its face and responds with a blink when the person is talking. Quite an invention, isn’t it?

It is true that artificially intelligent robots are making it big in the fields of medicine and military operations, introducing them to replace human partners is a thing of at least a few years from now.




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