Are you ready to quit your standard skin-care routine? Skin fasting is recognized as the latest skin care trend that is similar to regular fasting. It is the concept of getting rid of the usual skincare routine or not wearing makeup, or shouldn’t apply anything on the face. You can cleanse with plain water that helps heal the skin.

What Is Skin Fasting?

Do you think you can live without washing, toning, or moisturizing the skin? And for how long? Just like our body, even skin requires a detox. It is like you are giving a break to your skin from all skincare products and treatments that you regularly follow. To put in other words, it means minimizing your skin-care routine for some time that allows your skin to reset.

How can it heal your skin? Your skin produces sebum which is an oily substance that prevents skin moisture. The concept behind fasting is to let the skin breathe and avoid creams or any skincare products that block the air.

This act includes cutting off beauty products for some time to help the skin neutralize and let sebum naturally moisturize.

Dr. Jennifer Vickers, M.D says that “By pausing your routine, you may find out that you are using a product that doesn’t agree with your skin or is unnecessary,” and she says that, “You also allow your skin to recover its barrier and to resume production of sebum, the natural oily substance that our skin produces to keep the bad things out and the good things (like water) in.”

How to Do Skin Fasting?

Either you can leave your face without applying any cream or you can do a slight modification by adding sunscreen lotion or moisturizer on the face. Skin fast can be followed as per your preference and according to your skin type that also suits your skin type.

Trying a skin fast during nights can protect your skin from the UV rays.

Deanne Robinson, a board-certified dermatologist based in Westport, Connecticut says that “A skin fast allows the skin to return to its natural homeostasis,” He says further, “when we take away the support system to our skin, it allows it to get back to what it naturally does.”

Dr. Vickers suggests, “A week or two of skin fasting should be sufficient to let the skin reset and breathe.”


There are some circumstances where a skin fast proves to be useful.

  • Not only skin repairs, it gives skin a chance to breathe and allows the skin to resume its natural functions.
  • It helps improve skin functions.
  • It also helps to find skincare products that are harmful and not good for your skin.


Angela Peck, a holistic aesthetician and the founder of Wholistic Skin + Care, said TZR. Dr. Neil Sadick, M.D., F.A.A.D., a Manhattan-based dermatologist with Sadick Dermatology “Our skin becomes dependent on these [products], and doing a fast of them is going to force our skin to function on its own again, which is what it should be doing in the first place, and further adds If people are bombarding their skin with products, peels, and masks, taking a break may allow product buildup to be removed and skin can recover.”

If you don’t use a cleanser, your skin begins to produce more oil and can turn out of control.

Don’t follow skin-fasting for a longer period, as it makes your skin more vulnerable.

Who Shouldn’t Try It?

  • People with pre-existing skin condition
  • Acne-prone skin
  • People with other skin problems
  • If you are trying new skincare products that make your skin harsh and dry, you can follow fasting.
  • Do not skinfast when you are exposed to the sun that will damage your skin.

There isn’t much scientific evidence to prove that skin fast can promise healthy skin. Yet, it is a good idea to follow the concept at night to improvise skin health and let the skin reset.