Hearing aids are one of the most innovative creations and it’s like a God sent to people with hearing loss. According to WHO, over 5% of the population and two-thirds of American adults above the age of 70 suffer from hearing loss. The first wearable hearing aid was sold in England in 1936. Since then the hearing aid has come a long way. Hearing aids have drastically changed over a decade in their design, function and size. Today hearing aids are fashionable and small, many can’t even find that you are wearing a hearing aid. There are innumerable hearing aid brands in varieties of categories, so choosing the right one can be a tough decision. So to put an end to your confusion, Forbes has listed the top hearing aid model based on the price, product features recently. 

Top 5 Hearing Aids

Here we’ve listed the top hearing aid and its features- 

Phonak Audéo Paradise (5/5)

Phonak Audéo paradise has the best all-rounder features and it also delivers the best sound quality. It provides clear and crisp sound quality, you can even connect to any device with Bluetooth (up to 8 devices and 2 audio connections). Phonak Audéo Paradise is an iPhone, android, laptop and mobile-friendly. It also has features like motion sensor hearing and easy tap control options. 

Kirkland Signature 10 (4.5/5)

 Kirkland signature 10 are rechargeable hearing aids. You can connect it to your iPhone and Android via Bluetooth. It allows you to take phone calls, listen to music, enjoy YouTube and can also listen to audiobooks. It has a touch control feature and you can control it by just double-tapping on the top of your ear. Kirkland signature 10 also has four levels of receive power. 

Widex Movement (4.5/5)

The Widex movement comes in an attractive design, comfortable fit and gives you premium sound quality. It is said to give “the most natural hearing experience(more pure and natural sound)” by combining machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). Researchers say the sound quality and naturalness of the sound remains the same and it doesn’t sound like a hearing aid. 

Signia Styletto X (4.0/5)

Hearing loss should not stop you from an active lifestyle! Signia stiletto is an award-winning design that offers crystal clear sound. It has a pocket-size portable charging case which is the first hearing aid with Qi wireless technology. It has music customizability, speaker dome option and custom fitting. Signia Styletto X also offers a wide range of options for you to choose from. 

Starkey Livio Custom Edge AI (4.0/5) 

Starkey Livio is the world’s first custom rechargeable hearing aid that provides 24 hours of power in a single charge. It is designed in a way that automatically adopts different sound environments. It is also the world’s first hearing aid that uses artificial intelligence (AI). The AI tracks both body, brain activity, steps, social engagement and its fall detection alerts the caregivers.