Citrus fruits are not only a good source of Vitamin C but they provide other vital nutrients, too. Citrus fruits are grown in more than 140 countries as they can survive in both subtropical and tropical regions. With over 100 varieties, it is one of the major crops grown worldwide. Citrus fruits are believed to have originated in Asia.

How Citrus Fruits Benefit Health

From great skin to an amazing mane, there are several health benefits of citrus fruits. Here are some incredible benefits.

  • Protect Against Cancer

Citrus fruits are rich in metabolites such as flavonoids, alkaloids, carotenoids, limonoids, and phenolic acids. They have the power to treat and fight certain types of cancer cells. A study in Japan found that people who drank citrus fruit juice three to four days a week were less likely to develop cancer than those who did not.

  • Boosts Heart Health 

Citrus fruits contain many incredible compounds that boost heart health. Many studies have proven that a higher intake of citrus fruits helps lower heart diseases like heart attack and stroke. It also helps decrease LDL or bad cholesterol and increases HDL or good cholesterol. The potassium in citrus fruits is good for both the heart and bones. 

  • Protects Your Brain 

Citrus fruits are rich in flavonoids, most importantly quercetin. Quercetin helps reduce inflammation and protects brain cells from toxins. Active compounds present in citrus fruits protect against neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

  • Promotes Healthy Skin 

Vitamin C is a vital nutrient that helps achieve healthy skin by producing collagen. More than applying Vitamin C creams and serums, intake of fruits rich in Vitamin C—strawberries, broccoli, brussel sprouts, potatoes, peppers—is important. Since Vitamin C plays a major role in producing more collagen, you can stay wrinkle-free. It also helps protect against cutaneous melanoma, a type of skin cancer. 

  • Reduces Kidney Stones

Citrus fruits contribute a lot to inhibiting stone formation. Of all citrus fruits, orange juice is the most effective in preventing kidney stones. Low citrate level is the main cause of kidney stone formation. Eating citrus fruits regularly can help raise citrate levels in urine. However, taking high doses of Vitamin C supplements can also cause kidney stones.