Healthcare has changed a lot with the invention of wearable and portable technology. Are you ready to find out the medical gadgets you should have in 2022?

Useful Healthcare Gadgets You Should Know for 2022

The world has become really health-conscious nowadays. Eating and exercising regularly alone doesn’t guarantee good health. Be it international or community news, healthy people regardless of age are falling ill, getting heart attacks, and other diseases once meant for old age. 

Several individuals have underlying diseases that remain undiagnosed for several years. A minor symptom always gets overlooked. The lockdown stress, busy schedule, and inflation have made getting checked regularly a tedious task. These medical gadgets are here to make your life easier. Here are a few medical gadgets you should have.

Portable Air Purifier

The quality of the air decides the quality of your life. Crowded public places, wearing masks continuously, inhaling sanitizers, and other strong detergents will obviously take a toll on your health. Using portable air purifiers and humidifiers is here to make things easier for you and your family.  

Personal EKG 

You can connect the personal EKG to any smartphone to monitor heart health. You can get timely readings for yourself or for your loved ones wherever you are in a matter of minutes. Most of the personal EKGs provide medical-grade readings so you can definitely trust them. 

Blood Pressure Monitor

This is a very important personal health monitoring device in the modern world. Anybody above the age of 30 can experience high or low blood pressure given the stressful environment we live in. The monitors give appropriate medical readings and the app will provide you with timely treatments to ease any discomfort.

Smart Bra

Breast cancer is a major threat for women across the world. Mammograms are painful and several women don’t have the time to take care of themselves. Smart bras help in detecting early-stage breast cancer without an actual mammogram. All you have to do is wear it for one day, the bra will detect your heart rate, breast temperature, look for tumors, and other deformities. 

Wearable Health Gadgets That Will Improve Your Life

Let’s keep the massive diseases aside from obesity, diabetes, breathlessness, and fatigue; not exercising or exercising the wrong way is an obstacle we have to cross in our daily life. Wearable trackers such as smartwatches or fitbits measure your sleep quality, posture, steps per day, calorie intake, heart rate, breathing, and other activities. 

The smartphone apps for these wearable trackers will also help you monitor your family’s health at all times and even send SOS and GPS signals in case of emergencies. You can also receive diet plans, health tips, and other insights to plan your day and achieve your fitness goal as planned. 

What Are the Disadvantages of Healthcare Gadgets?

There is no technology without disadvantages and the above health and fitness gadgets are no different. Check out these disadvantages before you invest in these cool and helpful technologies:

  • The high-quality ones are mostly expensive and require you to have an active internet connection at all times. 
  • The burden to keep each and every gadget charged and running can become tedious with time.
  • Most of them are water-resistant and not waterproof so be mindful when you get out in the monsoon.
  • Hackers can use these gadgets to hack into your smartphone.
  • Upgraded health monitoring and testing devices are expensive.