What are massage guns?

Massage guns are used to ease any strains or sprains in the body. Parts of the massage gun are assembled to vibrate at a particular frequency. The vibration produced by a massage gun will soothe tense and strained muscles. This tool helps in specifically treating the problematic area, unlike other methods like using a foam roller, manual massage, and heat therapy.  Gun massagers are portable and compact and mostly charged with batteries or have a recharging mechanism. 

Uses and Benefits

  • Massage guns are helpful in treating and recovering from post-workout soreness. 
  • The vibration aids in releasing any fluids that may be present in between the muscles, and tissues. This can increase flexibility and sports performance.
  • There is an increase in blood flow and circulation due to the vibrations, as the bloodstream is stimulated.
  • The oscillation will also help relax the tissues and muscles, when in pain.
  • Vibrations from the massage gun help in treating scars. Due to the deep tissue massage from the gun, the scar will loosen with the motion in the tissues.
  • In general, massages tend to relieve pain and promote relaxation. This bodily state of relaxation promotes restful sleep. A massager may be able to calm and improve sleep circumstances for someone who is suffering from pain and is having trouble falling asleep.
  • Back massage guns help with back aches since it is difficult to reach the back of the trunk.

Ways to use

  • Switch on the massage gun before placing it on the surface of your skin. 
  • Start with the lowest speed.
  • Keep moving in a circular motion.
  • Once comfortable, keep going in a circle.
  • After feeling relieved, turn the massage gun off.


Over massaging and incorrect usage of the gun massagers are associated with certain risks:

  • Blood vessels can rupture when vibration and oscillation occur in the incorrect vessels.
  • Nerves might become insensitive when exposed to vibrations in the wrong spot or for a longer duration than required. 
  • It may lead to muscle fiber damage.

Do’s and Dont’s

  • Initially start at minimum speed and later increase the level
  • Do not start at a high-speed rate as it might lead to a sudden jerk and micro tears in the tissues, or even bruising in some cases.
  • Do not place it very close to the skin’s surface.
  • Do not rub the head of the gun to the skin. Instead, go with slow circular motions.
  • Relax and indulge in comfort and do not strain nerves or muscles as that might be the opposite of the expected result.
  • Less is more when it comes to massage guns. An increase in exposure to oscillations also increases the chances of inflammation.

Gun massagers might provide temporary ease but the root cause of the pain has to be diagnosed. For comforting pre and post-workout pain, using a muscle massage gun might help but consulting a doctor before usage is recommended.