With round-the-clock work schedules and tiring deadlines, it’s hard to make it to the gym or spare time for a little workout. This basically results in muscle tightening which is not only painful but also comes as a hurdle to run your daily chores. While we can always seek the help of a professional massage therapist, most often we avoid them because of various reasons including pricey packages, fear of how trained the person is or unfamiliarity with massage parlors. You no longer have to bear the pain for here are 5 simple self-massage techniques that are absolutely convenient, cost-effective, and can be done on a regular basis. 

1. Use a Tennis Ball to Relax Your Foot Muscles

Tennis Ball to Relax Your Foot Muscles

Are you someone who is used to wearing high-heeled stilettos to work? Foot pain is inevitable in this case and the strained muscles would badly long to be freed off the tightness. Simply place a tennis ball underneath the arch of your foot and slowly move your foot back and forth. Apply pressure in areas that are painful and repeat the same with your other foot.

2. Get Relieved from Neck Tightness

In the present scenario, there’s no way one can avoid staring at the computer screen for long hours. This is when neck pain and muscle tightness around your shoulder creeps in. Use your fingers to apply pressure at the back of your neck. Press in areas you feel the pain and relax after a while. Similarly, rotate your shoulders forward and backward to get relieved from shoulder pain.

3. Tennis Ball Works for Your Lower Back as Well

Tennis Ball Works for Your Lower Back

Your investment in a tennis or golf ball doesn’t go in vain; the same can be used to relieve lower back pain as well. Place the ball between your lower back and a wall. Apply pressure or move in a particular pattern to relax your strained muscles.

4. Pinch Your Upper Arm 

Pinch Your Upper Arm 

Lifting weights or playing shuttle sports have a tightening effect on your upper arm. Use your index finger and thumb to apply pressure to your arm muscles. Press for a while and relax. Repeat the same throughout your upper arm until you feel relieved. 

5. Relax Those Stiffened Fingers

Stretch your fingers; place your palm flat on a table and stretch them as much as possible. Relax after a while. Repeat this with your other palm as well. Alternatively, you can also soak your fingers in a mug of hot water and let the muscles relax. 

A sedentary lifestyle can also be one of the reasons for tightened muscles. Move as much as possible and make sure you do some warm-up before your actual workout. Also, keep your body hydrated at all times to stay away from muscle strain.