The perception of a perfect relationship in 2021 is not what it used to be a decade ago. Expectations have changed over the years, and most importantly, the idea of a perfect partner has also changed immensely. A candle light dinner or a romantic getaway is not the only doing that can kindle romance in a couple. Having great understanding for one another, supporting each other in times of need, and giving the right amount of personal space all play a role in making a relationship work. Here are some research-based facts to help relationships work this year. 

  • Time Is Everything

Love is a tale as old as time. But, how much time do we actually spend together? In an age where both the partners share financial responsibilities, and take care of household chores, there’s hardly any time to spend together. Forget a Saturday-night movie, couples these days even don’t find to go out for a morning walk or watch a TV show. Take short breaks during your busy week and make them worth the while by spending it with your loved one. You can even workout together as a couple for great bonding. 

  • Attention to Details

Sometimes we wonder if someone, especially our partners would pay attention to those teeny details about us. Take a minute to tell your partner about how gorgeous her new manicure is or why his beard needs a slight trim. When he/ she believes you pay attention to these tiny deets, love blossoms more than ever. 

  • Skip the Virtual Chat

While FB chats and whatsapp stickers, and Apple smileys seem amusing, there is little emotion they’ll convey. A cuddling or a kissing emoticon can come nowhere near the real-time feel. So skip the messaging apps and start having a real conversation. At the least, give a call in between the other person’s busy day. 

  • Recall the Happy Moments

Talking about your first date or first kiss always gives butterflies no matter how your relationship is now. Once in a while, talk about the first time you met, how you felt about your partner the moment you saw each other, and how you stalked him on Facebook before you finally met him. All these sweet little memories kindle romance and gives hope that the love between you two hasn’t faded away yet. 

  • Hit the Road

Believe it or not, a good environment does a lot to revive your relationship. Go out in the sun, enjoy the beach while holding hands, end your road trip with a yummy takeaway! Being stuck inside the house for days will only fuel your already dying relationship.

Comment which one of these pieces of advice would you follow to revive your relationship!