4 Remedies to get back you voice that are a myth

Losing your voice can be a stressful experience. You suddenly realize the importance of the gift of speech that we so often take for granted.When we lose our voice, we are flooded with tones of advice to help us get it back.But little do we know that some remedies that are followed by almost everyone actually cause more harm than help.

Some of the myths which we consider as remedies are :

  • Drink lemon tea-Our vocal folds are very delicate. So when we suffer from loss of voice for whatever reason, our vocal folds are already inflamed and the intake of any substance of acidic nature such as lemon or other citrus fruits can cause acid reflux
  • Slippery elm being back your voice-As much as it being a time and tested remedy, research has shown that slippery elm does not actually do any good, but nor does it do any harm to the throat either. The slippery substance is supposed to soothe the throat.Since it does not cause any real harm, doctors are not completely against it but still recommend that patients not resort to popping pills for minor ailments
  • Hot toddy clears the throat-You might get instant relief by swallowing hot toddy. You actually might feel that it’s unclogging your throat or soothing it. But as a matter of fact, alcohol only drains the body of the moisture present in it and thereby causing harm to the throat.
  • Whispering does not harm your throat-People think it fine to whisper to be heard when their vocal chords are down. But in reality if you rest those cords, you will help it heal faster. So do not abuse your throat when you lose your voice.Instead struggle with a pen and paper for few days, till you can use it without stressing out your throat.

Now that you know what remedies you really should not try when you lose your voice, it is only a matter of time before you can start talking again.