Chocolates have a special spot in many people’s hearts. The taste is indescribable, but the most gratifying and soulful food that lifts up your spirit instantly. What one can do with chocolate would be a silly question because we have incorporated the goodness of cocoa in everything apart from its popular use in food. There are skin care products made of cocoa, which apparently improves the skin, but nothing is as powerful and refreshing as consuming it. I mean how can one smell chocolate and not eat it?

Since cocoa is rich in flavanols, which is a chemical compound that helps give us anti-oxidants. The bitter taste of the dark chocolate comes from flavanols. All the nourishment lies in the bitterness but it is naturally blended with a perfect dash of sweetness, hence it is a delight to eat it.

Lovers of chocolates go through the struggle of eating it in peace and defending chocolate. Mind you, we won! Here’s a bunch of things dark chocolate will do to you.

  • The flavanols also from your skin from the sun and harmful UV rays, it makes your skin more tolerant to the sun hence it is less reactive.
  • It tightens and increases the thickness of the skin when consumed regularly. When the skin is thin, it ages faster this is why having pure dark chocolate will do the opposite and reduce signs of skin ageing.
  • Furthermore, cocoa flavanols improve and stabilize blood flow in the brain hence activating some parts of it, especially verbal skills and the attention span.

To conclude, munching of 70-80% dark chocolate as a snack or in other foods on a daily basis will yield untold results. There may not be an immediate effect but eventually, it will keep you in great health. Men and women in their early 40’s can start having dark chocolate to keep diseases related to the heart and the brain at bay.