Causes of Under-Eye Bags

Eyes are the windows to the soul “

Do you feel distressed to carry those fat and unpleasant bags under your eyes? You are not the only one. Millions of people suffer from under-eye bags. You would have only searched for ways to get rid of eye bags but it is wise to know the underlying cause first so that you can choose the best treatment. Read to know the causes of under-eye bags and treat them.

Causes of Under-Eye Bags

Most of us think that fatigue causes under-eye bags but it is not the only cause. Many surprising factors are responsible for the causes of under-eye bags. The causes are:

  • Age
  • Heredity
  • Stress and fatigue
  • Allergies



Increasing age is one of the major causes of under-eye bags. Eye bags are common in aged people. As you grow older, the muscles and the tissues surrounding the eyes weaken with a decrease in collagen. The fat pad is lost and the fat around the eyes displaces itself into the region below your eyes. This causes puffiness or swelling under your eyes accompanied by dark circles.



If you wonder why you have got eye bags at an early age, blame your genes for it. Yes, eyebags can run in families. As genetics and family history is strongly associated with eye bags, they can make you fall prey to early-age eye bags. One can get rid of hereditary eye bags either surgically or by doing facial contouring.

Stress and Fatigue


The most important cause of eye bags is stress. This culprit finds every other way to enter our lives and spoils us. Deprived sleep and stress go hand in hand. Our circulatory system works slow during sleep and thus the excess fluid collects below the lower eyelid. Less sleep and more stress block our body from flushing out the extra fluid that causes eye bags. So practice less stress and deep sleep to shoo eyebags away!!


Eyes are the victims of allergies. They show clear pictures of the signs of allergies. Some common allergic reactions are due to:

  • Food allergies
  • Chemicals in cosmetic products
  • Eye infection
  • Sinus

When to Consult Doctor 

Although some people find relief in simple homemade remedies, others need medical treatment. Find the appropriate underlying cause and treat it right away. If you feel itch or pain in the area, it could be due to some eye-related problems. Consult your ophthalmologist soon.