If you are a regular user of Cottonelle Flushable Wipes, note that some of the wipes from the company have been recalled due to bacterial contamination. Cottonelle’s parent company Kimberly-Clark recently recalled its Cottonelle Flushable Wipes and GentlePlus Wipes because of the possible presence of bacterial contamination in them. The company has revealed that the bacteria detected in some of its wipes is pluralibacter gergoviae. This particular bacteria is a pathogen that can often show in cosmetic and personal care products. Recently, a notable cream brand recalled its products as well for the detection of this bacterium in its cream tubes. 

Are All Cottonelle Flushable Wipes Contaminated?

No, not all packages of Cottonelle flushable wipes are contaminated. Only those manufactured between Feb 7 and Sep 14, 2020, have been found to be contaminated with this particular bacteria. Kimberly Clark on its product recall page said, “The affected product could show the presence of a bacterium (Pluralibacter gergoviae)  which could naturally occur in the environment and in the human body”. It also added, “Pluralibacter gergoviae rarely causes serious infections in healthy individuals. However, individuals with weakened immune systems are at a heightened risk of infection”. 


Cottonelle has also asked the customers to check the lot number present on their packages to check whether they have been contaminated. It has given a reference image to help customers on where to look for the lot number.


There have been a few reported cases of minor infections and irritation, according to the company. Cottonelle also wrote on its website that products already bought needn’t be returned to the store and that the buyers can stop using it immediately if their packages’ lot number is found to have been contaminated. And that anyone experiencing irritation or infection due to the use of Cottonelle wipes should seek immediate medical attention. The company has also given an option for the users to get a refund by filling out a “Contact Us” form.