Vitamin D on Health and Skin

We continue to run behind vitamins A, B, and C and often ditch the divine vitamin D. As we all call, Vitamin D is not actually a vitamin but a prohormone. This fat-soluble vitamin D is all you need for a healthier body and glowing skin. It is glad to know that a vitamin can benefit both body health and skin. Let us have a detailed look into the benefits of vitamin D.

Health Benefits of Vitamin D

The sunshine vitamin has been associated with numerous health benefits for a long time. Some of the important health benefits of vitamin D include:

1. Helps Intestine Absorb Nutrients

Calcium is an essential mineral for healthy bones. Calcium can be absorbed by the body only when there is a sufficient amount of vitamin D. It also aids in the absorption of Phosphorus, which is needed for the development of bones and teeth.

2. Protects You from Osteomalacia

Osteomalacia, also known as osteoporosis, is a condition that is responsible for the softening of the bones. It makes you prone to fracture as you age. This miracle vitamin can protect you from such a painful condition.

3. Prevents Cancer

One of the rarely known benefits of vitamin D is that it protects you from cancer. It can control the abnormal multiplication of cancer cells. What are you waiting for? Get your dose of sunlight now!

Benefits of Vitamin D on Skin

Many of you would be aware of some of the health benefits of vitamin D, but this multipurpose vitamin can also make way for healthier skin and hair. Some primary skin benefits of vitamin D are

1. Relieve You from Psoriasis

Studies clearly explain the role of Vitamin D in psoriasis. The antimicrobial properties of vitamin D can help you treat the inflammatory autoimmune disease, psoriasis, by strengthening the immune system. Get rid of itchy and flaky skin by taking the right dose of vitamin D.

2. Prevents Premature Aging

Wanna look younger always? Vitamin D is the key to prevent premature aging. Healthy levels of Vitamin D have been shown to decelerate the rate of aging. The deficiency of Vitamin D results in your skin losing its elasticity. Make your skin wrinkle-free with this vitamin.

Rosacea and eczema are the skin conditions that spoil your face. As already discussed, Vitamin D is extremely beneficial for all skin related diseases. Vitamin D in its active form, calcitriol, promotes skin cell growth and metabolism. It helps you treat rosacea and eczema besides treating psoriasis. 

The Sun is a natural source of Vitamin D. Just an hour of exposure to the sun gets you the required dose of cost-free vitamin D. It can also be taken through certain foods. The foods rich in Vitamin D include fatty fish, eggs and dairy products.