The world is in urgent need of a Coronavirus vaccine. With increasing death rates  around the world, we are left with no other option than to find a vaccine at the earliest. But, bringing a vaccine to the market is no joke. Years of research, innumerous trials, and approvals are required to launch a vaccine. But, the COVID-19 vaccine trials that are conducted by various companies are sped up due to the growing number of Coronavirus cases daily.

Companies Working on COVID-19 Vaccines

Coronavirus spread like wildfire in a blink of an eye creating a pandemic that has taken the lives of millions of people. To curtail the spread, nearly 23 companies from various countries have been working on COVID-19 vaccines as of today. Some of them include Johnson & Johnson, Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Novavax Inc, Heat Biologics, Sanofi, etc. But, what actually happens in COVID-19 vaccine trials

How Does a COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Take Place?

It is important to understand that clinical trials involve 3 phases (Phase I, II, &III). The Coronavirus vaccine is first given to a small group of healthy people for testing in Phase I. Phase II is where the vaccine is given to individuals with co-morbidities, or other health conditions irrespective of age and physical health. Once phase II is a success, the COVID-19 vaccine will be given to a large group of people before bringing it to the market.

Risks Involved in COVID-19 Vaccine Trials

Though most companies guarantee that these trials are risk-free, we can’t help but think of the downside of being involved in a clinical trial. Coronavirus is deadly enough to cause breathing difficulties and death in humans. A healthy person taking part in this trial is likely to acquire the infection with conditions that may lead to death. Moreover, since the trials are fast-tracked due to urgency, there are chances that long-term consequences may not be studied. There is no evidence that the vaccine might not cause any chronic illness in the long run. 

A proper COVID-19 vaccine that suits all age groups, and masses with comorbidities is the need of the hour, and conducting human clinical trials is the only way this can be achieved.

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