Holiday Flu

“The dangerous holiday-flu is haunting the U.S

It’s on its way to the southern and western countries!”

As per the data of the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Flu widely spreads the highest on this holiday season. The flu activity is mainly happening in southern and in western states. The dangerous flu is not showing any mercy even in the Thanksgiving holiday week and the flu level is abruptly rising.

CDC is advising that it is not too late still, everyone has time to get vaccinated from the age of 6 months and older to prevent dangerous flu that is continuously spreading and hitting in the U.S.

The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) comes up with the report that most of the people got infected with a strain called B/Victoria which doesn’t pop up before this holiday season.

Intense Spread of Holiday Flu

Across the country, the clinic visit has risen to 2.5% for flu-related illnesses last week. Also, the percentage of respiratory specimens was tested and results for positive flu rose to 7.3 % which is higher than the previous week.

Spread of Holiday Flu

CDC also informed that two influenzas (i.e. influenza A and B) are spreading with the predominant virus that may differ from place to place and age to age. It was noted last week as 71.1%.

Affected Areas

The flu spread rapidly and ramped up sooner than last year. Flu activity is constantly spreading across the U.S in almost every state. CDC reported that they encountered 3.7 million flu cases and  1,900 deaths. 

Last Friday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated the widespread flu in 30 states, specifically on the West Coast including the southern border and in the Mid-Atlantic states.

Holiday Flu Prevention

It’s better to take the vaccine to prevent against the influenza viruses also to avoid the risks of flu illness, deaths or severe hospitalizations. This virus is most common for seasonal flu.

There are four medications launched that includes Tamiflu and Xofluza. It is tested that the medications work against 99% of the flu virus.