A regular day in one of the American hospitals turned bizzare when doctors heard music while listening to a patient’s pulse. The New England Journal of Medicine had reported that music was heard from the pulse in the feet of a 65-year old man who was brought to the emergency room after he sustained a fall. Apparently, the man had dislocated his already operated hip. The Journal also mentioned that he had undergone a hip replacement surgery (bilateral hip arthroplasty) only a few months before the incident. Learn effective ways to strengthen hip muscles. 

Story Behind the Music Pulse Radio Signal

It was stated that when a regular Doppler test was taken on the patient’s feet, the doctors were able to hear a song along with the man’s pulse. And the most fascinating part is that the app Shazam recognized the music as a song from a popular Mexican band. Hearing the song “Gracias Por Tu Amor” was the last thing the doctors expected from a man’s feet. The speakers connected to the Doppler clearly played the song to everyone’s surprise.

The authors of the Journal doubt that the Doppler might have picked up a radio signal received by the patient’s prosthetic hips. Though it sounds impossible, the doctors were sure they were able to hear the song loud and clear. Other devices used to check human pulse were also able to reproduce the song, according to the hospital authorities.

The engineering department was informed but it was declared that there was no faulty equipment. However, the officials confirmed that some other object in the room, like the patient’s bed might also pick up a radio signal.

The Journal concluded that it’s been almost eight months after the patient has received his treatment and that he’s doing absolutely fine. No kind of music or variations in his pulse has been noticed ever since. Science surprises us in so many ways that we have no idea about.